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Paramount Fri. Paramount Sat. Ovation Thur. A Mon. Encore Wed. BBC America Wed. Cinemax Sat. Disney XD Sat. Showtime Fri. Encore Mon. Paramount Wed. Starz Fri. FX Fri. Starz Sat. TMC Sat. Ovation Sat. FX Thur. Freeform Tues. Comedy Central Sun. E Wed. TBS Sat. Syfy Sat. Nickelodeon Sat. Ovation Fri. USA Sat. FXX Mon. EPIX Thur. POP Fri. TOON Sat. Noon TNT Sat. Showtime Thur.

TMC Fri. Freeform Fri. Freeform Sat. Freeform Thur. Freeform Wed. TNT Mon. Paramount Thur. Encore Sat. Showtime Tues. Showtime Sat. FXX Wed. Lifetime Sat. Paramount Sun. Cinemax Fri. AMC Tues. Starz Mon. AMC Mon. KFTR Sun. Framed to take the fall for a heinous crime, an elite operative and his men go rogue, using their special talents to clear their names and find the real perpetrator. PG 1 hr. HBO Tues. A woman dying of incurable breast cancer creates a list of memories and lessons for the husband and sons she is about to leave behind. NR 1 hr. TMC Tues. Songs by the Beatles illustrate a tale of two star-crossed lovers swept up by the s counterculture and the anti-war movement.

PG 2 hrs. FX Mon. After glimpsing his future, an ambitious politician battles the agents of Fate itself to be with the woman he loves. Cinemax Thur. A college grad takes a lowly job at an amusement park after his parents refuse to fund his long-anticipated trip to Europe. A flying squirrel and a moose confront their adversaries Boris and Natasha. TMC Sun. TMC Thur. As the sun burns out and darkness shrouds the planet, a family must reckon with long-held grudges and heal painful memories from the past. EPIX Mon. A psychiatrist probes the mind of a nun in whose room has been found a dead newborn infant.

KCET Fri. KCET Sat. Demanding the release of a political prisoner, a terrorist and his gang hijack the U. R 2 hrs. The first commercial space shuttle sends loony Ted and his former girlfriend on a trip to the moon. A pilot afraid to fly follows his stewardess ex-girlfriend and must take over for the poisoned crew. HBO Mon. HBO Fri. In Detroit, a cunning serial killer pushes young detective and psychologist Alex Cross to his moral and psychological limits.

BET Fri. BET Sat. A Londoner continues his womanizing ways while working as a chauffeur in New York. Starz Wed. On planet LV, Ripley and a dwindling number of Marines battle an almost-unstoppable army of monstrous predators which wiped out an entire colony of humans, save for one little girl.

AMC Wed. VH1 Mon. During a solo voyage in the Indian Ocean, a veteran sailor must face the possibility of his own death after his vessel, radio and navigation equipment become damaged. EPIX Fri. After inheriting half of a house, a young woman develops an unexpected friendship with her co-owner. Hallmark Tues. Brian agrees to go back to Wall Street to boost their funds, while Jenny scrambles to keep the opening on track. Hallmark Wed. Pastor Michael Spurlock receives an assignment to close a country church and sell the prime piece of land where it sits.

He soon has a change of heart when the church starts to welcome refugees from Burma who know how to farm. Marines object when a new sergeant and not a battle-wise comrade takes over their unit in Korea. TCM Wed. An aspiring teenage rock journalist gets his big break when he follows an up-and-coming band on its tour. A man finds solace with another woman after his wife cheats on him during their honeymoon. Chipmunks Alvin, Simon and Theodore, along with the Chipettes, become marooned on a not-so-deserted island.

Nickelodeon Sun. An year-old girl steals from her bullies and hides their things in her closet. NR 18 mins. Cinemax Wed. Cold War veteran Stan Hurley takes CIA black ops recruit Mitch Rapp under his wing, and they join forces with a lethal Turkish agent to stop a mysterious operative who wants to start a global war.

Contemporary artists use equipment from the s to record music. KVCR Fri. KVCR Sat. TCM Mon. A Latino gang leader returns to society after wielding 18 years of brutal power in Folsom State Prison. Jesse James and his gang rob banks in order to foil a railroad baron who forces people from their homesteads. TMC Mon. Four teenagers nearing graduation make a pact to lose their virginity by prom night. A young rock band, half from England and half from the US, drop out of college and move to the Sunset Strip to chase their dreams.

Sniper and U. A young couple prepares to marry, while an obnoxious friend plans to throw a bachelor party. A snake hunter commandeers a documentary crew in the Brazilian jungle, forcing them to battle a monster boa. HBO Sat. Andy Irons: Kissed by God Three-time world champion surfer Andy Irons struggles with bipolar disorder and opioid addiction. An impoverished family decides to return to Ireland from America, but things get worse instead of better.

Cinemax Sun. A meek businessman clashes with an aggressive therapist after being ordered to undergo 20 hours of counseling. Tragic Anna leaves her cold husband for dashing Count Vronsky in 19th-century Russia. TCM Sun. Members of a satanic cult invade the home of a man and his pregnant wife and turn a vintage doll into a conduit for ultimate evil. Red-haired orphan Anne grows up in Avonlea on the farm of elderly Matthew and his sister, Marilla. KVCR Tues. The inquisitive, free-spirited Anne Shirley turns 13 and faces a host of new experiences.

KVCR Wed. A high-powered executive lies about her career on her online dating profile, while her match also hides his true identity. Hallmark Mon. An inquisitor investigates the mysterious death of a monk and alleged witchcraft in the Middle Ages. TMC Wed. Aquaman must retrieve the legendary Trident of Atlan to save the underwater city of Atlantis -- and the surface world -- from his power-hungry brother.

HBO Wed. Victorian Phileas Fogg bets members of his London club that he and his valet, Passepartout, can circle the globe in 80 days. G 2 hrs. TCM Thur. A cop must arm prisoners to help fend off an attack by gunmen who want to kill a gangster locked away in the crumbling station. Encore Fri. An English aristocrat and a cattleman drive a herd across the Australian Outback to save her ranch from a hostile takeover. FX Tues. FX Wed. HBO Sun. Two Georgia waitresses seeking a better life go to Hollywood and meet an ailing millionaire.

BET Sun. Talented children of retired vaudevillians put on a show. A Manhattan career woman with a live-in boyfriend suddenly inherits a baby girl and moves to Vermont. Coerced into working for a crime boss, a talented getaway driver must face the music when a doomed heist threatens his life, love and freedom. A battle of wills breaks out when a working-class gal moves in with the high-powered executive who hired her to be a surrogate mother. An engaged man and his four friends have a series of wild misadventures in Las Vegas.

Fox, Christopher Lloyd. A young man and his inventor friend must take a DeLorean time machine to A young man takes a DeLorean time machine to the Old West, where his inventor friend is courting a schoolmarm. Undercover Miami detectives switch lives while investigating murders linked to stolen heroin. Two detectives uncover a conspiracy involving a drug kingpin while trying to stop the trafficking of Ecstasy in Miami.

Gunslinging floozies flee town to avoid a hanging and meet an outlaw with a score to settle. Cinemax Tues. The case of a raped nun gets to a profane New York detective fouled by drugs, alcohol and sex. EPIX Sat. Pushed beyond their limits, three overworked and stressed-out mothers go wild after ditching their daily routines.

He slowly begins to suspect that she played a role in the horrific incident. Lifetime Sun. A rude, drug-abusing educator vies with a perky colleague for the attentions of a rich and handsome substitute teacher. A Jewish kid and his brother escape from the Nazis in occupied France. Showtime Mon. A disgraced pingpong player bounces back to go under cover for the government and bring a notorious crime lord to justice.

Ovation Wed. Two former groupies, one with a family, the other with a wild temperament, reunite after two decades. Audience Sun. Audience Wed. Audience Thur. With the barbershop now coed, Calvin, Eddie and the rest of the gang come up with a plan to save the neighborhood from crime. VH1 Thur. TBS Sun. The tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs became the most watched televised sports event of all time. While trapped in the media glare, King and Riggs fight more personal and complex battles.

An epic adventure unfolds across the high seas, as American sailors go to war against an army of invading aliens. TNT Wed. Two women from different backgrounds are best friends through girlhood, careers and tragedy. HBO Thur. TCM Tues. A ghoul helps a newly dead couple haunt the tasteless new owners of their beloved home. Syfy Sun. A Navy admiral orders the rescue of a fighter pilot after the Serbs shoot down his plane in Bosnia. IFC Mon. After being diagnosed with serious health issues, a woman goes on a road trip in her motorized wheelchair to search for her estranged son.

Her life changes when she meets a handsome cowboy. A Hollywood star agrees, as a publicity gimmick, to be queen of a military-school prom. A year-old Asian student commits crimes with his goofy friend and a gang in Southern California. A hip Detroit detective drives out to Los Angeles and shows local police how to catch a killer.

The captain of a deep-space vessel makes a daring decision to go after a rare and nearly extinct species. His obsession soon jeopardizes the mutinous crew when the gigantic and deadly creature attacks the ship. A crime-magazine publisher kills his mistress, then orders his editor to lead a manhunt.

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Gamblers try for easy money with big-time football, but are surprised when a game fails to turn out as planned. TCM Fri. Two dopey dudes go back in time to fetch Beethoven, Napoleon and other biggies for a history project. In an Irish mercenary fighting for the British army abandons his post to seek revenge on those responsible for the death of his family. An underachiever in Los Angeles time-travels to 14th-century England and battles an evil king. NR 2 hrs. A group of friends and their two guides encounter the legendary Blair Witch while exploring the Black Hills Forest in Maryland.

Syfy Tues. Syfy Wed. An ex-con fulfills a promise to a dead friend by taking the underground fighting world in Los Angeles by storm. KCOP Sun. Fans flock to a festival celebrating iconic horror movies, only to discover that the showman behind the event has a diabolical agenda.

As festival attendees start dying off, three teenagers must band together to survive. A pregnant year-old and her year-old boyfriend seek an abortion without telling their parents. New Orleans cornet player Buddy Bolden becomes a key figure in the birth of jazz, influencing countless musicians for decades to come. EPIX Tues.

A quadriplegic detective and a patrol cop try to catch a killer re-creating grisly crimes. Encore Sun. TNT Tues. A wildly imaginative 7-year-old discovers that his new brother, Boss Baby, is actually a spy on a secret mission, and only he can help thwart a dastardly plot that involves an epic battle between puppies and babies. FX Sat. After her release from prison, a former CEO battles old enemies while trying to build a brownie empire with her ex-assistant.

Two estranged sisters set aside their differences to help their mother save her floral business. KTBN Sat. Jason Bourne continues his international quest to uncover his true identity while staying one step ahead of those who want to kill him. KVEA Sun. After the death of her son in a car crash, a grieving woman starts to suspect that his vindictive girlfriend set it up to look like an accident.

The Bradys and their TV-series clan refuse to sell their home to a shady real-estate developer. A courageous Scottish princess must figure out how to undo a beastly curse after an eccentric witch grants her an ill-fated wish. Encore Tues. Enraged by the killing of his wife, Scotsman William Wallace leads a revolt against the tyrannical English king in the 13th century.

Former lovers live together as hostile roommates when both refuse to move out of their shared condominium. POP Thur. A wrestler, a rebel, a brain, a beauty and a shy girl share Saturday detention in a Chicago high school. A con artist faces a tough decision when her criminal past catches up to her and her young son. KTBN Sun. An Air Force pilot matches wits with a renegade colleague who is threatening to detonate a pair of nuclear warheads.

Family members move to Montana to escape from their past but soon find themselves terrorized by ghosts and old secrets in their new haunted house. The son of an honest bus driver looks up to a local mob boss amid racial tension in s New York. A producer for a record company falls for his longtime friend shortly after proposing to his girlfriend. Ovation Tues.

After a bad day at work, a frustrated reporter meets God, who endows him with divine powers for one week. A discouraged artist is convinced by her best friend to paint the perfect man, hoping it will attract love. Hallmark Sat. A literary baseball groupie romances a pitcher and a catcher on a minor-league North Carolina team. On the run in the year , Bumblebee the Autobot finds refuge in a junkyard in a small California beach town. When year-old Charlie revives him, she quickly learns that this is no ordinary yellow Volkswagen.

EPIX Sun. An act of kindness brings a jilted architect the unwanted friendship of an unbalanced cable-TV installer. A operator must confront a killer from her past in order to save a kidnapped teenager. Hoping to gain political influence in their North Carolina district, two wealthy CEOs put up a naive candidate to challenge a longtime incumbent congressman. Can You Ever Forgive Me? Lee Israel is a frustrated, hard-drinking author who can barely afford to pay her rent or bills in s New York.

Desperate for money, Israel soon hatches a scheme to forge letters by famous writers and sell them to bookstores and collectors. A tattooed psychopath preys on a Southern lawyer, his wife and their teenage daughter. Captain America, the Black Widow and a new ally, the Falcon, face an unexpected enemy as they struggle to expose a far-reaching conspiracy that puts the world at risk. In , Somali pirates storm a U.

Richard Phillips and his crew captive. KWHY Sun. A sultry plant worker drives a wartime soldier to murder in Jacksonville, Fla. Ovation Sun. Ovation Mon. A social misfit with psychic powers wreaks havoc at her prom to get even with pranksters. Sundance Thur. A rookie race car that only cares about winning learns what is really important in life after getting stranded in a town along historic Route After a plane crash at sea, a Federal Express engineer survives on a remote island for four years in complete isolation.

A lethal CIA agent and his former classmate encounter shootouts, espionage and double-crosses while trying to save the U. TNT Sat. After her son is kidnapped and later found, a woman insists that the boy who was returned to her is not her child. Starz Tues. Three private detectives try to rescue a kidnapped computer pro whose voice-ID software would threaten global security.

Three private detectives work under cover to retrieve two rings that contain cryptic information. A college freshman who just made the cheerleading squad finds herself falling for a much older man. When a gawky teen restores a Plymouth Fury, the car takes on a life of its own and begins terrorizing those in its way.

Heidi returns home to watch her niece and nephew and comes face to face with her high school love. Heidi offers to help him with a dance, and the more time she spends decorating, the more she finds herself inspired to start painting again. Un asaltante frustrado porque no pudo robar un tren planea vengarse del comisario raptando a su esposa y sus dos hijos.

KWHY Tues. Despite a string of losses and injuries, boxer Jim Braddock makes a dramatic comeback and faces champion Max Baer. An acting CIA chief learns the president has triggered a war with Colombian drug cartels. A high-school basketball coach turns a losing team around, then faces criticism for pushing the athletes to put grades first. BET Tues. BET Wed. Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo take advantage of hotel guests during the Florida land boom.

The Cold Blue A meditation on youth, war and trauma. During the Civil War, a wounded Confederate soldier abandons his duties to make his way home to his sweetheart. Stewardesses flirt with a gem-smuggling baron, a rich Texan and a pilot. Pampered Prince Akeem of Zamunda comes to New York with his royal sidekick to find a true-love bride. Cinemax Mon. In the midst of his daily commute, insurance salesman Michael MacCauley is contacted by a mysterious stranger who forces him to uncover the identity of a hidden passenger on the train before the last stop.

Un sacerdote es enviado a su pueblo natal debido a problemas de salud, y en un terreno heredado funda un orfanato. KWHY Fri. A former bounty hunter lands in a tournament where convicts fight to the death for an online audience. A death-row inmate from a Central American jail is among the prisoners taken to a remote island for a to-the-death match broadcast live over the Internet. A compulsive shopper who is drowning in debt lands a job as an advice columnist for a financial magazine.

Caesar the ape leads simians in revolt against the governor enslaving them on future Earth. The world panics as doctors race to find a cure for a rapidly spreading virus that kills those contaminated within days. Noon AMC Tues. Abandoned by his wife, a big-city lawyer loses his job and moves with his young son to rural Kansas. Audience Tues. Noon Audience Tues. An assistant veterinarian poses as an FBI agent in order to steal incriminating evidence against his father.

TCM Sat. A 19th-century gunslinger unites townspeople, outlaws, and a band of Apache warriors against an extraterrestrial threat. TNT Thur. Racial tensions collide in a collection of intertwined stories involving residents of Los Angeles. POP Sat. NR 58 mins. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone. Under guidance from Rocky Balboa, boxing phenom Adonis Johnson prepares for an epic showdown against the son of Ivan Drago -- the former Russian fighter who killed Apollo Creed in the ring. A crossword puzzle editor finds herself dragged into a police investigation after several of her clues are linked to unsolved crimes.

A manipulative adolescent challenges her stepbrother to ruin two sexually innocent acquaintances. Showtime Sun. KWHY Sat. A murder in the Louvre Museum and clues in paintings by Leonardo lead to the discovery of a religious mystery that could rock the foundations of Christianity. An insecure man competes for the affection of his stepchildren when their freewheeling father breezes back into town.

FX Sun. After an alien attack devastates Moscow, survivors search for a way to fight back against the deadly invaders. After reading a book about dating and changing her personality to find a lover, a woman realizes the man she wants is right in front of her. Hallmark Thur. A climatologist tries to locate his son after global warming leads to worldwide natural disasters. Drama policial matizado con diversas situaciones alegres y bellas canciones. KWHY Thur. A high-stakes robbery tempts a Vietnam veteran who has returned to his desolate South Bronx neighborhood in A woman who suspects her contractor husband of having an affair trails him to a house and finds him dead.

After learning that one of her ancestors was burned at the stake, a woman seeks violent revenge against descendants of those who committed the act. Troubled people attempt to mend their lives as they brace themselves for a comet that threatens Earth. A time-folding federal agent falls in love with a New Orleans woman who is targeted to be murdered. A young girl dies in after a demonic spirit preys on her family.

Decades later, a skeptical doctor must stop history from repeating itself by confronting his own demons to save the life of a possessed teenager. Just as Gru settles into his new role as a suburban family man, the ultrasecret Anti-Villain League sends him on a mission to nab the perpetrator of a spectacular heist. A recent college graduate lands a job working for a famous and diabolical editor of a New York fashion magazine.

E Tues. E Sat. Suspended from the police force, John McClane enlists a Harlem shopkeeper to help stop a terrorist bomber. GALA Sun. An American con man and his British rival target a soap heiress from Cleveland on the French Riviera. Fox, Julie Warner. An upstart plastic surgeon gets stuck in a one-doctor Southern town and falls in love with a local. Comedy Central Sat. Charlie rescues a stray from other dogs, and together they meet Edna after finding a wallet full of cash.

NR 33 mins. As a puppy, Bella finds her way into the arms of Lucas, a young man who gives her a good home. When Bella becomes separated from Lucas, she soon finds herself on an epic, mile journey to reunite with her beloved owner. Starz Sun. While Jim attempts to lose his virginity before he turns 30, he and his friend Alex meet two beautiful sisters, Kitty and Lulu, who seduce them as part of their plan of virgin sacrifice.

While in jail for murdering her husband, a woman discovers he is living under a new identity with their son. Five emotionally fragile teens are committed to Blackwood, a mysterious boarding school for gifted and disturbed girls. Syfy Mon. Police partners descend into the criminal underworld after they are suspended for assaulting a suspect on video.

Three friends hire a homeless soldier-of-fortune to protect them from the school bully. An unhappy housewife gets a lift from the return of her imaginary childhood friend, Drop Dead Fred. VH1 Wed. Noon Audience Sun. Noon Audience Thur. A soldier who was killed in action gets caught up in a time loop, in which he repeatedly relives his last battle. However, the more times he fights, the closer he gets to discovering how to defeat the alien enemy.

Syfy Thur. Hired to kill a man and his daughter, an assassin instead protects them while battling formidable adversaries. In Kentucky to bury his father, a troubled man gets his life on track with the help of a free-spirited flight attendant. Showtime Wed. Children sue their former nanny after their father, whom she weds, leaves her his fortune. Miller, James Corden. Three emojis embark on an epic adventure through a smartphone to save their world from deletion. Parental disapproval of two teenage lovers causes a confusion of arson, death and insanity.

An Earthian space pilot crash-lands on a planet with a lizardlike warrior from the Dracon Empire. After running away fails, a terrified woman empowers herself in order to battle her abusive husband. Magically transported to a secret realm, a teenage girl joins an ongoing battle between the forces of good, which keep the natural world vital, and the forces of evil, which want to destroy it.

Nickelodeon Mon. A heroic astronaut dashes off on an ill-advised rescue mission. After he becomes caught in a fiendish trap, he must rely on his nerdy brother to save him. Noon Freeform Fri. Six strangers visit a mysterious building to experience the escape room -- a game where players compete to solve a series of puzzles. TNT Sun. A year after an accident sidelines her skating career, Eva accepts an invitation to a mysterious competition in a remote town. Some terrifying events unfold in the arena, forcing Eva and her team to confront a horrifying reality.

Fighting back after four years as a yakuza sex-slave, a woman matches wits and weaponry with a legion of killers who are out to collect the bounty on the heads of her and her family. At a remote forest cabin, five friends discover a Book of the Dead and unwittingly summon an ancient demon. The malevolent entity possesses each person in succession, until only one is left intact to fight for survival. When their nanny begins neglecting her duties, the Tripps have no choice but to fire her.

They then learn that the nanny has established residency in their home and will have to be legally evicted -- which could take months. Banished to Staten Island, a homicide detective hopes a murder case is his ticket back to his Manhattan precinct. KVEA Sat. Pretending to know something about a murder, a janitor seduces a TV newswoman but also becomes a target. Federal agents hire a special-effects man to stage the fake assassination of a mob witness. KCOP Sat. Secrets and scandals test the friendship of a wealthy socialite and a working-class woman, upsetting both their families.

BET Thur. Fantastic Mr. After three nefarious farmers declare war on them, a sly fox rallies his animal neighbors to fight back. Audience Mon. An American street racer in Japan learns an exciting but dangerous new style and goes head-to-head with a local champion who has ties to the Yakuza. An undercover police officer investigates a gang leader suspected of stealing electronic equipment. The teen scene includes a party-animal surfer, a pregnant girl and a fast-food worker. Members of the globe-trotting crew face an unexpected challenge when a mysterious woman named Cipher forces Dom to betray them all.

Now, they must unite to bring home the man who made them a family and stop her from unleashing chaos. In early 18th-century England, a frail Queen Anne occupies the throne and her close friend Lady Sarah governs the country in her stead. When new servant Abigail arrives, her charm endears her to Sarah. An auto-company president finds her right-hand man by process of elimination. An experimental machine transports a group of people to a new dimension filled with predatory alien creatures.

A corporate executive falls for an affable schoolteacher obsessed with the Boston Red Sox. KWHY Wed. Two young professionals create an underground club where men can compete in hand-to-hand combat. Audience Fri. KFTR Sat. Freeform Sun. A clown fish embarks on a journey to find his son after losing him in the Great Barrier Reef. A middle-class snob on the eve of retirement takes refuge with her bohemian sister after she discovers her husband is having an affair with her best friend. During a spree of axe murders in Chicago, Oliver sees a sinister figure following Edwina, and escorts her home.

As he keeps watch, Oliver spots the man with an axe and tries to catch him to claim a reward. Sweeney, Robert Patrick. Based on the true story of an Arizona lumberjack who claimed to have been abducted by aliens. On July 16, , the nation and world watch in wonder as Armstrong and fellow astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins embark on a historic mission to the moon. Three ish college friends plot revenge after their husbands dump them for younger women.

An American flirts with a crook, a barrister and a mercenary to find diamonds in London. A Pittsburgh welder dances nights in a bar, dates her boss and dreams of going to ballet school. Five medical students trigger near-death experiences to gain insight into the mystery of what lies beyond the confines of life.

As their experiments become more perilous, each must face the paranormal consequences of journeying to the other side.

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Encore Thur. A veteran pilot makes a miraculous landing after a mechanical malfunction sends his plane hurtling toward the ground, but an investigation into the incident reveals that he was drunk at the time. On Sept. CMT Wed. CMT Thur. As spring blooms, rival house flippers find themselves renovating dual sides of a duplex. As they attempt to out-do each other every step of the way, the stakes of the renovation escalate and an old romance is rekindled.

Hallmark Sun. Noon Hallmark Wed. Fluidity Nico Tortorella, Isabella Farrell. Ten millennials search for love in the age of social media. E Thur. A businessman embarks on a revenge-fueled vendetta after his daughter dies in a terrorist bombing. His search leads to a cat-and-mouse conflict with a British government official whose past may hold the clues to the identities of the elusive killers.

Two people find love in Ireland but their dreams drive them apart. Five years later, they reunite and the woman must decide where her heart belongs. A rumpled detective gets a slick convict released into his custody for two days to help him find a murderer in San Francisco. KDOC Sun. An English charmer and a lusty American make love over a course of surprising events. A magazine editor seeks revenge against terrorists who botched a hijacking and killed his wife and children. An ex-convict short-order cook chases a Manhattan waitress who plays hard to get. Two fortune cookies cause an engaged psychotherapist and her teenage daughter to magically exchange bodies.

Sven Sorenson forces Bud and Larry to marry his twin daughters when they become pregnant. Mexican painter Frida Kahlo marries fellow artist Diego Rivera who shares her radical political views. Working as security guards, Craig and Day-Day run into the thief who stole their Christmas presents. VH1 Sun. The reopening of Camp Crystal Lake spells murder and mayhem for a group of sexually promiscuous counselors. AMC Fri. While searching for his missing sister, a young man and a group of student revelers encounter a hockey-masked killer and his razor-sharp machete at the ruins of Camp Crystal Lake.

Teenage Tommy meets masked-killer Jason, brought back by a lightning bolt at the lake. Hockey-masked Jason goes after another batch of teens at Crystal Lake. Democrat Gary Hart becomes the front-runner for the presidential nomination until allegations of an extramarital affair derail his campaign. A smooth-talking government agent offers to help Dominic Toretto and his gang eliminate a dangerous enemy in exchange for their help in rescuing a kidnapped computer hacker. Furlough Tessa Thompson, Whoopi Goldberg. When an inmate is granted one weekend of freedom to see her dying mother, a rookie correction officer struggles to keep her under control.

The elite G. Joe team uses the latest technology in its battle against corrupt arms dealer Destro and a mysterious organization known as Cobra. A schizoid Victorian tries to drive his wife mad; a Scotland Yard detective figures out why. The prison-bound manager of a hedge fund asks a black businessman -- who has never been to jail -- to prepare him for life behind bars.

A slain Manhattan yuppie reaches out to his lover, with a medium as his middlewoman. A hopeless romantic, Darcy, insists on being swept off her feet. One day, while bicycling to work, Darcy crashes into a sharply dressed man walking his dog. He falls into a coma; she takes the dog home, waiting to reunite him with his owner. Hallmark Fri. In the future, a strange fungus has changed nearly everyone into a thoughtless, flesh-eating monster.

When a scientist and a teacher find a girl who seems to be immune to the fungus, they all begin a journey to save humanity. A disgraced journalist and an investigator for a security firm probe a year-old murder. A fire-breathing behemoth terrorizes Japan after an atomic bomb awakens it from its centuries-old sleep. Two private investigators tread dangerous ground as they scour the Boston underworld for a kidnapped child. A former thief must agree to steal 50 cars in one night to save his brother from being killed by a vehicle smuggler.

New York City cop John McClane and his estranged son must put aside their differences and work together to get a Russian whistleblower to safety and thwart a disastrous crime in Chernobyl. With help from a friendly Neanderthal boy, a young dinosaur embarks on an epic adventure to reunite with his beloved family. A college coed tempts a football hero, but a student librarian wins him. Goodland Matt Weiss, Cinnamon Schultz.

A square British exchange student turns hip motorcyclist to woo a cool girl in his high school. Featuring musical numbers, exotic performers and daring feats, the mesmerizing spectacle takes the world by storm to become the greatest show on Earth. A San Francisco dentist marries a lottery winner, and a jealous man follows him to Death Valley. NR 3 hrs. A Frenchman and a New Yorker find love in a mismatched marriage of convenience.

The heir to a newspaper fortune joins forces with a resourceful company employee to bring a powerful Los Angeles crime lord to justice. In a head prison guard realizes a man on death row may be innocent and have a supernatural ability to heal others. R 3 hrs. A pack of hungry wolves pursues survivors of a plane crash, who are trekking through the Alaskan wilderness to find civilization. KWHY Mon. Hail, Caesar! Two men get permission from their wives to spend one week doing whatever they please, without fear of consequences.

Evil comes home to roost, as unstoppable killer Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield to restore his family, together with his ghostly matriarch. A scruffy superhero protects the citizens of Los Angeles but leaves horrendous collateral damage in the wake of every well-intentioned feat. Freeform Mon.

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To carry out her plan of revenge, an unhinged woman charms a Seattle couple into hiring her as a nanny. Phil, Stu and Doug take Alan on a road trip to help him through a personal crisis. Meanwhile, Mr. Chow breaks out of prison and prepares to wreak havoc. Brother and sister, Hansel and Gretel, are the ultimate witch-hunting vigilantes. Now, unknown to them, they have become the hunted and must face a greater evil than witches: their past.

Administrators at an elementary school scramble to hide a dead body from students and parents on Career Day. In the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, two clashing detectives -- one human and the other a puppet -- must work together to solve the brutal murders of former cast members of a beloved puppet TV show. Business partners sting a white mobster trying to take over their nightclub in s Harlem. The ghost of a teenager tries to protect a young girl and her family from a dead serial killer who can possess the living.

A parapsychologist and three others stay in a house reputed to be the site of many awful tragedies. An alderman becomes a presidential candidate and chooses his unsophisticated brother as a running mate. TBS Mon. A well-educated marshal defends immigrant settlers against cattle barons in s Wyoming. Hellboy and his team face an underworld prince who plans to awaken a lethal army and use it to reclaim Earth for his magical kindred.

AXS Mon. Determined to become a writer, a s Mississippi society girl turns her small town on its ear by interviewing black women who work for prominent white families. Hi, Gaucho! NR 59 mins. A year-old girl considers herself lucky to have attracted the attention of a much older actor until she realizes that his attention is beginning to border on obsession. A mental-hospital psychiatrist helps a dazed ex-bomber pilot found next to his strangled wife.

A smooth-talking man falls for a hardened columnist while helping a shy accountant woo a beautiful heiress. Endowed with strength, speed, stamina and intelligence, a genetically engineered assassin targets a mega-corporation that plans to unlock the secret of his past to create an army of killers even more powerful than him.

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