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Eclipses aren't limited to one part of the world. In fact, there will be 20 lunar and solar eclipses traversing different places on Earth from now until the next North American cross-continental total solar eclipse on April 8, Here is a list of where these lunar and solar eclipses will pass, and what viewers can expect. Lunar eclipses occur when the moon passes through Earth's shadow. In the blackness of space, it's hard to notice that Earth casts a cone-shaped shadow as sunlight moves through its atmosphere.

by Fred Espenak, GSFC Planetary Systems Laboratory

But it does, and when the full moon clips part of the shadow, the lunar face appears red, either partially or entirely. The event will be centered over the African continent and central Eurasia. Not quite a total solar eclipse, an annular solar eclipse looks like a ''ring of fire'' because the moon appears smaller in the sky than the disc of the sun, therefore blocking out the middle of the star with some of its body still appearing.

As the moon orbits the Earth, it sometimes comes closer to the planet the nearest point is called perigee or farther away the farther point is called apogee. This same phenomenon is what causes supermoons every so often. This event will hit the Arabian peninsula, travel across the northern part of the Indian Ocean, and will pass through Indonesia.

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The eclipse will peak at a. This lunar eclipse will be harder to notice than the one taking place in July , because the moon will not pass through the darkest part of Earth's shadow. The moon will take on a tea-stained appearance during the penumbral eclipse and peak at p. It will be visible throughout most of the world with the exception of the United States, central Canada, and a majority of South America. This will be the first of four penumbral lunar eclipses in About a year from now, the moon will again take on a slight saturation during the penumbral lunar eclipse of June 5 The coloring will occur across half of the lunar face.

A few weeks after the penumbral lunar eclipse, the ''ring of fire'' will first appear over the Republic of the Congo, across Africa, pass over Yemen and Oman and keep going over parts of India and southern China. The third penumbral lunar eclipse of will be visible from all of South America and most of North America.

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The slight shading will appear over less than half of the lunar face, peaking at a. The moon will have a tea-stained appearance across most of its face during the final penumbral lunar eclipse of In Panchang day starts and ends with sunrise. If Lunar Eclipse starts before midnight but ends after midnight i. Hence Penumbral Phase as well as Umbral Phase might start before midnight i.

Moonrise and Moonset moments are corrected for Parallax and this correction gives better timings for the Eclipse sighting.

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Unless Lunar Eclipse is visible to the naked eye, it is of no significance to Hindus and Hindus don't consider it for any religious activities. Penumbral Lunar Eclipses are not visible to the naked eye hence no rituals related to Chandra Grahan should be observed. If Lunar Eclipse is visible during Umbral Phase then only it should be considered for religious activities. Most Hindu Calendars don't list Penumbral Eclipses. Only God. Amazing the love I felt and will always feel. Skip to main content.

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