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From the same day onward, it is possible that you may find it more difficult to communicate with your close relatives. Frictions with the family of origin could continue during or around July Combativeness at a communicative level is maintained on or around July On the next day, there may be talks with sponsors, teammates from a group project you are involved into with a view to refining some future strategies. From July 19, communication skills are getting stronger. From July 21, there might be conflicts between you and those around you.

During July 24, schedule your negotiations, meetings, audiences, and discussions to establish collaborations because the stars support you. Around July 25, you may experience some revelations about yourself. From 28 onward, the atmosphere between you and your close relatives is relaxed. From July 1, you are more assertive in how you communicate. On or around July 7, your communication style may be slightly aggressive.

From July 8 onward, it would be desirable to work more on how you express yourself. During or around July 11, some things may be rumored about you or you may learn of some unsettling news. Before you believe what you are told, do some research on your own. During or around July 17, there may be some expenses that you did not expect. During or around July 18, there is a chance for substantial gains. From July 19, you may receive further financial tips. During or around July 21, you may not make the best financial decisions.

During or around 24, you may be able to supplement yor income and that will help you bounce back from some financial losses. During or around July 25, it is a good time to look for sponsors and people willing to work with you on a project. From July 28, you are charming and get along with people effectively.

From July 1, you may spend more than usual, but it is just as likely to make more money. After July 3, your charisma and charm is prominently visible, out for everyone to see. During or around July 7, you may learn of some opportunities to supplement your income. From the same day onward, you may realize that it would be better to reevaluate some of these opportunities.

During or around July 11, try not to invest in projects or plans for the future. They are still not safe enough. During or around July 18, you be in a good state of mind and travel opportunities can appear. From July 19, you communicate more easily and you make yourself understood.

During or around July 24, you make yourself well-liked by those around you and your level of popularity is greatly increased. During July 25, your performance at work is up to par and you may have outstanding achievements. From July 28, focus on boosting your earnings. From July 1, you find it easier than usual to command respect.

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After July 3, an ex-partner from your sentimental past might reappear in your life. During or around July 7, you are given opportunities to make your mark. From the same day onward, you may have some obstacles in terms of expressing your personality. Try to find out why you find it more difficult than to be yourself. During or around July 11, there may be tensions between you and your superiors, or you feel that you are not given as much visibility as you deserve. During or around July 17, take more care of your health and seek to stay in control at work whatever may happen. During or around July 18, you may have survived a very difficult day.

From July 19, do not put too much to heart. During or around July 21, obstacles may be encountered in the workplace or they may play a certain role in your state of health. During or around July 24, steer away from cultivating fears, regrets and frustrations. Your charm is boosted after July From July 1 onward, you may feel under-appreciated and think that someone may be trying to put obstacles in your way.

After July 3, opportunities for new collaborations, partnerships, or to launch a group project with some partners may occur. During or around July 7, someone may be attempting to discredit you. From the same day onward, you may be doing or saying things you will not proud of. During or around July 11, do not lend money to friends. You may also be worried about your future. After July 19, it is possible to rethink some long-term strategies and reevaluate them. During or around July 21, it may be that you need to split your schedule again and have to choose between your friends and loved ones.

During or around July 24, you may strike a collaboration or launch a business. During or around July 25, some important events may bring you closer to the family. From July 28 onward, you feel that someone is stepping up in your favour. From July 1, there are some opportunities to make great progress with a project you are involved in.

After July 3, you may get along better with your superiors. During or around July 7, you may have the opportunity to attract some sponsors or think about a highly promising strategy in the long run. After July 8, you might strealize that you still need to work on it. During or around July 11, it is not a good idea to make investments.

But where, then, does the responsibility begin?

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The impulse to rape, to abuse, and secrecy, and hiding and spying, the hiding of truth, these are all one thing. They are not separate. I have since come to believe that most psychics and channelers were abused as children: the disassociation it causes blossoms naturally into psychic abilities. This may be why the Biblical God condemned all psychics to death by stoning. It was a way of culling the diseased members of his human herd. If this were really God, and He existed today, we would haul off every sexually abused child and kill them.

The Biblical and Koranic God has always been a beast of violence. I know this to be true, because nature is beautiful. No cruel God could create such beauty. But back to the topic: Secrecy, even when used to avoid humiliation e. And it deceives. No matter what it costs, openness and the sharing of one of the most valuable commodities, truth, must be paid for, in the same way that freedom must be paid for. Those who have no regard for the truth, have no right to freedom.

Those who sneak about and spy can have only one reason: the gaining or preservation of power. And power enslaves both the powerful and their victims. Truth — secrets, which are hidden truth — can be frightening to share and reveal, but doing so is the gate to ascension. Take that as you wish. Obama, poor fellow, has buckled to the forces of darkness. Bush was actively dark, but with a passion to protect; Obama is weakly dark, and that is worse.

This is the slow, horrendous mistake that the average American is making: in giving up their right to truth in this case, letting the NSA do what they want, in secret in handing over their right to know, they are slowly ceding their freedom. The process is slow and subtle — the consequence, the punishment, is especially subtle at first. Is it a coincidence that the phenomena of American obesity followed the Patriot Act the enshrinement of secret government?

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The Patriot Act demanded that the populace ignore the very law itself: to do so, people turned to their slurpees, their corn syrup and everything tasty. Though it might be a very different hierarchy than in LEO, from June 25, to July 15, , your luck will be tied to background matters, to government agencies, corporate head offices, institutions such as hospitals, to charitable organizations, spas and retreats. If you work in one of these areas, or in health fields, a promotion is possible. But the wild, woolly mad cap world of ordinary jostling and elbowing does not hold much promise for you, not during these 54 weeks.

This is not a good time to seek attention, engage in contests, demand results, to leap into the romantic spotlight or try to outshine a rival. Where glitz, glamour, charisma and wooing a crowd are concerned, wait for a better time. In legal, educational, far travel and cultural affairs, use this period for study and preparation. Research will yield huge rewards. For the best results, rest deeply, rejuvenate, be charitable and spiritual, contemplate, visit psychics, counsellors, and therapists. This is a great year to cast out old demons and bogeymen, to fulfill old obligations and to reacquaint yourself with your soul.

This is a freeing year. You might not feel hugely popular, but security, real estate, family, investment and similar concerns will grow with a healthy, quiet providence, especially before March You can combine your restful and your ambitious urges. For example, visit a spa and then invest in it — or purchase a vacation, retreat or retirement property.

Protect your health against expanded weight hips, thighs and too much protein. Even now, events are beginning to slow. Your home life remains active and affectionate, but you might be so busy you hardly notice. If you ignore a mate now, you might face the music later. Finish chores Sunday. This night to Tuesday features meetings, negotiations, compromise, and, finally, Tues. Dig deep, be curious Wed.

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He was married and had three adult children. He lived in a gated development. He owned two houses. In his first house he had installed an elaborate Microsoft flight simulator. The commander in chief is impulsive, disdains expertise, and gets his intelligence briefings from Fox News. What does this mean for those on the front lines?

For most of the past two decades, American troops have been deployed all over the world—to about countries. During that time, hundreds of thousands of young men and women have experienced combat, and a generation of officers have come of age dealing with the practical realities of war. They possess a deep well of knowledge and experience.

For the past three years, these highly trained professionals have been commanded by Donald Trump. To get a sense of what serving Trump has been like, I interviewed officers up and down the ranks, as well as several present and former civilian Pentagon employees. Among the officers I spoke with were four of the highest ranks—three or four stars—all recently retired. All but one served Trump directly; the other left the service shortly before Trump was inaugurated. K arthic Thallikar first noticed the noise sometime in late , back when he still enjoyed taking walks around his neighborhood.

The double-height ceilings made it seem airy and expansive; there was a playground around the corner; and the neighbors were friendly, educated people who worked in auto finance or at Intel or at the local high school.

Thallikar loved that he could stand in the driveway, look out past a hayfield and the desert scrub of Gila River Indian land, and see the jagged pink outlines of the Estrella Mountains. Until recently, the area around Brittany Heights had been mostly farmland, and there remained a patchwork of alfalfa fields alongside open ranges scruffy with mesquite and coyotes. Last Thursday, Donald Trump said something that, on its face, seemed inexplicably self-defeating.

Already under attack for having asked Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, he publicly asked China to do the same. The majority of Republican voters and politicians still oppose his impeachment.

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His China comments may even prove politically shrewd. Research into the psychology of secrecy and confidence helps explain why. This is the exaggerated edge of an exaggerated trend. On a third-down play last season, the Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith stood in shotgun formation, five yards behind the line of scrimmage. As he called his signals, a Houston Texans cornerback, Kareem Jackson, suddenly sprinted forward from a position four yards behind the defensive line. One of the downsides of highly personalized diplomacy is that when the person in question is debilitated, the diplomacy suffers.

The innovation brought hope in some circles that Trump might be able to solve a challenge that has bedeviled U. But now the costs of that approach are becoming clearer. On the latest episode, the show departed from its dependence on guest stars to deliver a fresh, hilarious take on stereotypes. When the perpetrator of a gas-station robbery turned out to be white, the black anchors cheered.

The newscast then swiftly turned into a ferocious competition: With every crime, the foursome anticipated the race of the culprit. And with every reveal, the group found their expectations subverted. Pro basketball was a progressive beacon, allowing players and coaches to speak their mind freely. And then China got involved. A posting on Twitter Friday by the Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey showing support for the Hong Kong protesters has fractured the relationship between the National Basketball Association and its business partners in China, a country with deep pockets and an insatiable thirst for the sport.

Stand with Hong Kong. The abrupt policy decision to seemingly abandon our Kurdish partners could not come at a worse time. The decision was made without consulting U. In northeastern Syria, we had one of the most successful partnerships.

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The Islamic State was using Syria as a sanctuary to support its operations in Iraq and globally, including by hosting and training foreign fighters. We had to go after ISIS quickly and effectively. The answer came in the form of a small band of Kurdish forces pinned up against the Turkish border and fighting for their lives against ISIS militants in the Syrian town of Kobane in